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Once you made the purchase, you will be able to download a questionnaire form to fill in. Based on these answers, I can make a customized program that will fit your needs. You will also get access to my mail address only made for online coaching. Online support is available 24/7. After each period there will be a check up & update on your current program, depending of your package.


Personalized diet plan

Based on the question list you fill in, I will create a perfectly tailored diet plan for you. Keeping in mind your daily calorie intake and foods that you want to avoid. Simple but effective : No useless combinations and no special ingredients.

Personalized training plan
You will fill in everything we need to know about your training routine. If you have any injuries or exercises you can't do, I will make sure you can work around it. Workout plans are made with pictures to show the correct way of movement & form during exercises.

Online support

Once you purchase the plan, you will receive the email address to contact me. I also offer WhatsApp support for premium follow-up.



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To get in touch with Nicolas Iong please use this contact form.


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I'm a professional athlete in the federation MuscleMania®

2017 World Champion

2017 Europe Champion

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My workout plans are based on my own experience and the results I got after 12 years and customized to reach your goals.

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